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approved driving instructor training in glasgow

If you are considering approved driving instructor (ADI) training, you couldn’t be in a better place to get started towards achieving your goal. Whatever level of achievement you may be at, a cost-effective and efficient program can be tailored to suit your specific requirements.

By focusing specifically on local driving instructor training in Glasgow, we are able to provide instructor training courses in your specific area. Our expert instructors can provide all the training and advice that you are likely to need to reach the required level in the shortest and most cost-effective timeframe. Of course, our main concern is that the instructors who successfully complete our training should go on to turn out safe and skilled drivers onto the country’s roads for many years to come. This is why we are so passionate about the quality of our driver instructor training courses.


Legal Requirements

Not all that many years ago virtually anyone with a driving license was able to provide some kind of oversight to even the most inexperienced learner drivers just through accompanying them in the front passenger seat of a car. This included vehicles that had not been modified in any way to include intervention braking or the ability to disconnect the power from the wheels. Current government legislation, however, now makes it illegal to teach anyone to drive for a reward of any kind without holding the required certification and badge.

This qualification cannot be gained without first complying with parts 1, 2, and 3 of the approved driving instructor (ADI) training program. This includes both theory and practical testing of the knowledge and driving competence of the trainee instructor.


ADI Part 1 adi part 1

ADI Part 1 involves testing on theory and knowledge and is a prerequisite to qualifying to take the next level (2) which consists of a practical test of the would-be instructor’s own driving skills. Whilst much of this level can be prepared for without a trainer, there are benefits in having advice and guidance available when you need it. A reliable and experienced driving instructor trainer can provide that backing as and when you need it the most.

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ADI Part 2 adi part 2

ADI Part 2 is where your practical test will be carried out to ensure your driving skills are of the appropriate standard to be qualified to become a driving instructor trainer in Glasgow & the rest of Scotland. Once level 2 has been successfully reached, the process moves on to the crucial business of assessing and testing the candidate’s ability to teach others. This will take the form of a DSA approved examiner playing the part of a learner driver.

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ADI Part 3 adi part 3

ADI Part 3 is the phase of the testing procedures, where candidate will be assessed on their ability to identify, address, and fix a trainee driver’s faults through clear communication. Once all the required levels have been completed, a professional driving instructor trainer is more likely to be available to the trainee for additional advice. We know that there is a lot more to making a good driving instructor than just instilling in them the ability to pass the three levels of testing.

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About Approved Driving
Instructor Training in Glasgow

While it is one thing to reach the required standard to train novice drivers to pass the DSA theory and driving tests, it is another matter altogether to train someone else to do the same. It follows, therefore, that the skills and experience required to do this far exceed those necessary to merely train new drivers. This is where ORDIT comes into the picture.


What is ODRDIT?

The Official Register of Driving Instructor Trainers (ORDIT) is operated by the DSA and only instructors who reach a set standard are recommended by ORDIT to train the instructors.

Unfortunately, however, inclusion on the register is purely voluntary and not a mandatory requirement, so if you are considering instructor training you would be wise to insist on this DSA recommendation at least.



Benefits of Choosing
Local Driving Instructor Training

benefits of choosing local driving instructor training

Considering the huge responsibility that comes with training others to prepare novice drivers to take to the country’s busy roads and motorways, those embarking on training are advised to choose carefully. While there are many driving instructor training options out there, it pays to do some research in the long run if you want to come away with more than just a qualification.


Experts in Your Area

From help with theory and knowledge to dealing with the needs of pupils of all ages, a skilled trainer will have both the experience and the real-life knowledge you need during the crucial weeks of training. If you are looking for qualified driver instructor training Glasgow wide, you have already made the right decision by visiting our website. We appreciate that no two trainees are the same and that is why our training is tailored to suit both you and your schedule.


High-Quality Standard of Training

Our prime concern is that all of our clients receive the very highest levels of training and real-world advice in every aspect of driver instructor training. As an approved driving instructor coached to ADI levels, you can be confident that when you train with us you will be obtaining more than just a qualification.

We take road safety and driving standards very seriously indeed and that is why our one-on-one training schedules are designed to tap into and pass on some of the wealth of experience that we have gained.



Talk to the Experts in
Driving Instructor Training

If you are considering becoming an approved driving instructor through ADI training, you should talk to us today. Whatever questions you may have concerning the process, we have the answers that you need to get the ball rolling. From how to get started to links to the official DSA websites, we can help with them all.

Our patient and experienced trainers provide local driving instructor training in Glasgow and beyond at highly competitive prices. More importantly, when you train with us you are assured of that all-important attention to detail and our instructors are fully qualified in all aspects of driver training.

We fully appreciate that there is a big difference between an average driving instructor and a great one. That is why we take the extra time to ensure that our trainees get the very best of what we have to offer in both practical knowledge and our in-depth experience.


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