ADI Part 2

adi part 2

ADI Part 2

If you have completed the first part of the ADI Driver Instructor Training, the theory component, you may now move on to ADI Part 2: The practical test. The Driving Standards Agency insist on a high level of competency from qualified instructors in order for them to be allowed to teach others, a standard that is above that expected of driving students.

In order to demonstrate this, you must pass the ADI Part 2 practical test to be allowed to progress to part 3.


What You’ll Need to Do

what you'll need to do


As part of the high standards required of driving instructors, candidates are required to pass their practical test within three attempts or they must re-sit part 1 and start again. Additionally, the theory test certificate obtained from successful completion of part 1 is only valid for two years, so parts 2 and 3 must be completed within two years of the day part 1 is passed.

Certain standards are required of the car in which you must pass your ADI part 2 test: It must be equipped with a parking brake and a manual gearbox so that the examiner can assess your skill with these features, and your ability to coordinate their use while obeying the rules of the road. It must also have an added interior mirror to be used by the examiner during the test. The car must have a solid roof, and must not be a convertible.

In addition to this, the car must be properly taxed and insured, and must posses a valid MOT certificate. On the day of your test, you must bring with you both parts of a new-style driving license with a photocard ID and a paper counterpart. Older paper licenses or alternative forms of ID will not be accepted.


The Test

the test

The test itself will begin as usual with a vision test, which will assess your ability to recognise a numberplate at 27.5 metres. Next there will be five questions regarding the features and maintenance of your vehicle, examples of which can be viewed on the DSA website, but may regard elements such as lights, washer fluid, steering and brakes.

During the test itself, the examiner will above all be looking at your confidence as a driver while performing basic and advanced manoeuvers, as well as evidence of expertise above and beyond that of a normal driver. This includes your ability to drive on many different kinds of roads, and differing traffic and weather conditions. You are permitted only six minor faults, with more than six faults resulting in failure. Any serious or dangerous faults will result in failure automatically. In total, the test is designed to last for one hour.

Many of the skills involved in the test are the same as the skills that are taught in the standard driving test, so tuition time for an ADI Part 2 test can be as little as five hours of driving instructor training. However, it will be necessary to adopt a more confident and refined approach to driving in order to pass, as the examiners will be looking for evidence of extreme levels of competence from potential instructors.


What’s Next?

In the event that you fail ADI Part 2 on more than three occasions, you must wait until the certificate obtained in ADI Part 1 has expired in order to re-take both tests again. For more information about booking your practical test, or cancelling or changing your practical test, you must visit the official website at For assistance in becoming a driving instructor, get in touch to book driving instructor training in Glasgow.

The third part of the test then assesses your ability as a teacher to give instruction to a potential student, including identifying faults and helping to fix mistakes.