ADI Part 3

adi part 3

ADI Part 3

The third part of your driving instructor training test, the ADI part 3, is designed to examine how able you are to instruct and support a learner driver in a variety of different situations that you are likely to encounter. The test is conducted by an accredited DSA examiner within your own vehicle, from a testing centre. The full time given for this exam is one hour, with more time for a results debrief following the test.


The Exam the exam

This exam is made up of two 30 minute blocks, which are treated individually. Both sessions will begin with an introduction from the supervisor and an overview of the lesson that you will teach. At this point, you will then role play the lesson itself, as described and instructed. The examiner will assess your capacity to offer support, direction and instruction to a learner. This assessment will include an analysis of your ability to see faults and help to fix mistakes. It is important to stay in role for the full half hour; though this may be difficult when working with an experienced examiner, they should be treated as a learner driver.

There are ten different pre-set scripts that may be used in this scenario. It’s important to learn every one of these scripts in advance, so you know
what to do no matter which scenario you are given on the day. Giving the right level of instruction is key to successfully completing this task.
In each stage of the test, the portrayed learner will be at a different level of skill and experience, and your teaching style is expected to reflect this.


Starting the Exam starting the exam

In the first stage of this exam, you will act as an instructor communicating to a beginner who is learning something new to them, whereas in the second phase, you will be teaching an advanced learner who needs help and support with a specific area of learning. Your goal will be to help them to improve in this area and spot and correct any mistakes. The overall aim is supposed to be to effectively guide a learner through a lesson, providing the right amount of care and feedback.

Every route in testing is determined by your examiner and directions will be given to you prior to the exam, which should be reiterated to the
learner. The determination of this route is at the discretion of your examiner and is designed to test your expertise. Planning a route is not a
necessity for these tests and is not something that will be reviewed. The route or driving instructor training Glasgow, for example, will be
determined by your instructor prior to training.


Finishing the Exam finishing the exam

The length of each test is half an hour, with the full time for both tests, as well as note-taking and debriefing, being over an hour in total. After the test has finished, you will have time for a rest while test results and notes are written up. Following this, you will get a debrief and be awarded your score for the two tests you have completed.

It’s important that you take note of all the feedback you are given, as it can help you to amend any weaknesses or correct any problems with your
teaching style. You have more than one attempt for this stage of testing, and many people do not pass on the first attempt. Due to this, feedback
is a crucial part of the testing experience, and any concerns your examiner has should be noted.


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